Saturday, October 29, 2011

SMART Goals Will not Happen Without the Office Efficiency

Paper tiger can be tamed too
An Hour Saved is an Hour Earned!

A few years ago, I found myself, just  like so many small businesses,       looking for files! 

Now I have captured that tiger and want to show you how to tame it!

Many of friends and clients have told me how this was so great for them and I hope you agree.

A: Files
Break down your filing system as follows and then Alphabetize in there.
1-    Admin: Associates, Business Plan, IRS and Subiz Docs,
2-    Marketing: Emails, Newsletters, Marketing Plan, measure the results
3-    Finance: Accounts payable, receivable, bank activities
4-    Clients: Government, Individuals, Companies, Pro Tax

B: Calendar
avoid calendars that distract you
Make a decision to have ONLY ONE Calendar. Paper or Electronics, and don't get the ones that are so cute that you just adore it instead of using it.
C: Emails: Separate Financials form Personal Emails.
1-      Organize Emails to folders in the inbox.
2-      Clients, Projects, Marketing, etc
3-      Purge the inbox for what you have not organized—Toss.
D: Organize from inside out:
1. Keep the list of sources, discard the paper. Keep the list in excel or paper file. 

2. Discard old magazines or books or articles. (you can clip articles if you like but if you haven’t used it for 12 months, you don’t need it).
Minimize it

3. Minimize: Don’t keep many copies of the same thing (I have seen this on computer too. Keep maximum of two, and delete the rest)Final Version. Delete all the older version (even on your PC) and keep only the last one. You had decided not to use it, so delete it.

4. Use a JIT system (Just in Time--as needed, like amazon. When they need they order):  Clear desk and shelves: have only a small supply for ink, paper, etc. 

5. FAT Organization: File, Act or Toss (although Toss is at the end, but do it at the first checking of the mail. If you keep them, you procrastinate to throw away later while it will be bothering you all along.)

E. Manage your time ruthlessly.  Your time is the commodity you are selling. That's why they refer to it as time management, like resource management.  Whether on computer, meetings, calendar, book or anything else, an hour saved, an hour earned. Think of it in a long run, hours make our lives!
F. Work Habits! Develop a routine.  You can't imagine how this simplifies your life. Make SMART goals and reward yourself when you are done with them.  
You know how to go about it, don't you?  Make it: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  Read your SMART goals every day!
Remember, just reading it wouldn’t do.  (If you read all the diet foods, you cannot lose weight) Organize the office environment to manage time and resources.

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